FAQ wedding photography


What do you mean by "full set of 4x6 prints"?

You will receive one 4x6 print of all the photos from your wedding - for a full day that is usually 500-1000 prints. My prints are standard 4x6 lustre-finish prints that are not copywritten (i.e., a stamp/watermark will not be on the front or back to prevent you from copying/using for yourself). They are high-quality, album-ready prints. The DVD images are also yours to use as you wish, and are not copy written.



Who will be photographing my wedding?

Gary Abramson is the main photographer. He works with diffrent second shooters



How many different locations will you go to during the wedding day?

I will go to as many different locations you would like. There is no limit.



I would like a combination of color and b&w, is that possible?

Yes. Everything is shot in color then converted.



Do you offer customized packages?

Yes, whatever your needs are, I can usually make a customized package for you. If you would like a customized package quote, please email me with the specifics and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



Do you have backup cameras?

Yes. I have 5 complete camera kits.



How do we get our digital negatives after the wedding?

I mail them to you USPS priority mail (you will usually receive them  six weeks after your wedding), unless you want to come to Peabody to pick them up.



How long will it take to get our online gallery up?

It usually takes about four to six weeks to get your gallery online. This depends on season.



Im not sure if I need a second photographer or not. What are the benefits?

The most obvious benefit is that you will be getting more photos, and a second point of view. Sometimes (especially during the ceremony and important moments during the reception) you would want a second person, simply because I cannot be in two places at the same time. However, I shoot 50% o weddings without a second photographer (or assistant), so it is definitely not a necessity. I do recommed a second photographer if you have over a 100 guests.



Do you only shoot weddings?

Weddings make up most of my business, but I also shoot events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, graduations, etc.



How do we set up a meeting to view more of your work?

Please email me with the date and location of your wedding. I do not work out of a studio, but I meet people throughout the Northshore area at various locations, on weeknights or available weekend days.



Do you have references we can contact?

Yes. Please email me and I will send you email addresses of former clients that you can contact. Also check us out on http://www,weddingwire.com




If you have a question that wasn?t answered here, please email or call me and I will be happy to answer it.



Deposit is need to save your date


Final payment is due before or at the event.

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