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We at P.Y.W. are far more than professional photographers. Gary Abramson , Roland Silva & Cory Cornichuck are all  award-winning photographers with a business background as well. We are fun, laid back but will keep your wedding running smooth with direction. With that said, customer service is our highest priority. We want you to be happy. We will do everything to achieve that goal. Photography is my passion. I am graduate from New England School of Photography in Boston. I have been a professional wedding photographer since 2007. Photography Your Way has shot weddings all over New England. We also have shot many other events from corporate meetings, political photos and many other religious events. We are one of the only photography companies in New England that include a second photographer at no additional cost to you when needed. It's so important to have to two photographers if your wedding has over 100 guests and is over 3 hours long. We work with some of New Englands best photographers as the second shooter.. 

The main thing we strive for is your happiness and recommendations. The best advertising is word of mouth. That's been very successful for us. We are looking forward to meeting you.


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We specialize in :

Wedding Photography

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Corperate Events

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