Photography tips and tricks

 TIp 1

It is crucial that your hair and make up people are on time and finish at least one hour before you put your dress on. Plan on plenty of time .  The last couple years have been absolutely horrible with hair and make up artists actually taking so long it actually cuts into the ceremony. There is no need for that. When that happens the wedding coordinator will want to take that time out of your formal picture session.  Just keep in mind that the pictures we take are going to be part of your family’s history forever. We are stopping time by memorializing these precious moments. We take our job very seriously when it comes to this. It is a shame when some family shots cannot be acquired because of hair and make up. Always use a true trade professional. Usually we see this issue when it is a friend of a friend or something like that.

Tip 2.

If the weather forecast is calling for wind make sure your hair is secure with product or whatever is necessary to keep your hair from blowing all over your face. You’ll get a lot more beautiful shots to do not have to be deleted if this happens. We have seen some people have very little product or no product in their hair and it is just uncontrollable with even a slight breeze.


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